Gordon Gulch: Upper - Groundwater Chemistry - (GGU_GW_1-6_Array) (2011-2016)

Groundwater well samples. Group ID GGU_GW_1-6_Array


Groundwater samples were collected within the Boulder Creek Watershed at Gordon Gulch from 2011 to current. Samples were filtered by Boulder Creek CZO Water Chemistry Lab with 0.45µm and 1µm filters. Samples were analyzed for conductivity, major ions, alkalinity, nutrients and organics, and water isotopes. Major ions analyzed included H+, Ca+, K+, Mg2+, Na+, NH4+, Cl-, NO3-, SO4-, Si, and SiO2. Nutrients and organics analyzed mainly included DOC, DON, TDN, IP, DOP, and TDP. Water isotopes analyzed included O18 and D.

Date Range: 1/20/11 to ongoing
Dataset Creators/Authors: Suzanne Anderson, Nathan Rock
Field Area: Gordon Gulch
Frequency: Various

Data from Upper Gordon Gulch groundwater wells.

Location, Collection Date, Collection Time, Air Temp(C), Cloud Cover(%), Water Temp(C), Wind,(Major Ions and Si)H+(uEQ/L) Ca++(ppm), Ca++(uEQ/L), K+(ppm), K+(uEQ/L), Mg++(ppm), Mg++(uEQ/L), Na+(ppm), Na+(uEQ/L), NH4+(uEQ/L), Cl-(ppm), Cl-(uEQ/L), NO3-(ppm), NO3-(uEQ/L), SO4=(ppm), SO4=(uEQ/L), Si ICP Centrifuge(ppm), Si ICP(ppm), SiO2 (umol/L), SiO2 ICP Centrifuge(ppm), SiO2 ICP(ppm), SUM+, SUM-, Charge Bal, % Diff Charge Bal, ANC(uEQ/L), ANC(mg/L), (Nutrients)DOC mg C/L, IN(umol/L), PN(umol/L), TN(umol/L), DON(umol/L), TDN(umol/L), IP(umol/L), PP(umol/L), TP(umol/L), DOP(umol/L), TDP(umol/L), Phaeophytin(ug/L),(Water Isotopes) D-EXCESS/mill, d18O/mill, d18 1sigma, dD/mill, Tritium(TU), Tritium 1sigma, Lab Conductivity, Field Conductivity

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