Gordon Gulch - Snow Pits - Snow Pit Density - SWE (GG_SN_Array) (2008-2017)

IDs vary on year, Group ID GGL_SN_Array


Snow density, snow grain and snow chemistry data is collected weekly to bi-weekly during snowpack season to characterize the stratigraphy, SWE (snow water equivalent) and chemistry of snow pits excavated from various sites within the Boulder Creek CZO watershed. Minimum depth of 30 cm established for analysis.

Date Range: APR-2-2008 to MAR-11-2017
Dataset Creators/Authors: Suzanne Anderson, Dillon Ragar
Field Area: Gordon Gulch
Frequency: Various

Snow Pit Density Data.

Date time, location, stratigraphy, grain size, layer hardness, density layer, snow temperature, surface hardness

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Snow Pit Density data collected manually using the protocol outlined here Snow Pit Protocol.

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Dates: APR-2-2008 to MAR-11-2017

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