Betasso - Streamflow / Manual Discharge - (BT_SW_0_ManDis) (2013-2017)

Manual discharge calculated at stream gauge Group ID: BT_SW_0_ManDis


Manual discharge measurements at the Boulder Creek CZO are taken approximately weekly and are used in conjunction with Solinst non vented pressure transducers collocated with Solinst Barologgers installed in stilling wells to manufacture a stage-discharge relationship curve. Our most reliable method of collecting manual discharge measurements has proven to be the salt conductivity sudden-injection method described in Hongve, 1987. In the past manual measurement methods have been obtained using the velocity area method utilizing different methods for obtaining velocity including pygmy and velocity head rods.

Date Range: OCT-8-2013 to SEPT-26-2017
Dataset Creators/Authors: Suzanne Anderson, Dillon Ragar
Field Area: Betasso
Frequency: Various

Data from Betasso BT_SW_0_ManDis.

Date Time, Site ID, Method, Q (m^3/s)

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