Betasso - Snow Depth, Air Temperature - Judd Snow Sensors (BT_Gully_SD_1-5_Array) (2010-2017)

Level 1 Snow depth(cm) measured at 5 locations at 10 minute intervals. Transect ID: BT_Gully_SD_1-5_Array


Level 1 snow depth(cm) and air temperature at 10 minute intervals measured by Judd Snow Sensors at Betasso Gully Site.

Date Range: APR-13-2010 to FEB-2-2018
Dataset Creators/Authors: Suzanne Anderson, Noah Molotch, Dillon Ragar
Field Area: Betasso
Frequency: OCT-APR, 10 minute intervals

Snow depth data

Date_time, Sensor 1-depth(cm), Sensor 1-Air Temp(C), Sensor 2-depth(cm), Sensor 2-Air Temp(C), Sensor 3-depth(cm), Sensor 3-Air Temp(C), Sensor 4-depth(cm), Sensor 4-Air Temp(C), Sensor 5-depth(cm), Sensor 5-Air Temp(C)

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Level 1 Available Data for BT_Snow_Sensor :

Dates: APR-13-2010 to MAY-6-2017

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